The disturbance of the elements can manifest on any of the seven levels of our body:

Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, Relational, Psychic and Spiritual level.

These levels mutually influence each other. Order can only be restored by the simultaneous reorganization of all of these levels. For example: psychic disorders may trigger physical and other energetic problems in our body fields.


In the teachings of Buddha 108 human traits were determined, that could bind our spiritual being. Likewise, Jesus drew attention to the importance of knowledge of emotional- and spiritual properties and their solution in his parables.

Lies could create helplessness, whirls in our spiritual being, while truths liberate us. The elementary truths work perfectly, while elementary distortions generate problems and hardships.

The solutions lie in the recognition and tuning to perfect elementary patterns. The information contained in the 108 elements forming us can be used for this purpose.

Matrix Drops are filled with this elementary information separately, in varying combinations. The first-generation telephones, cameras, video recorders operated on the basis of physical methods. The devices of our day are operating by the application of the principles of quantum physics for transferring of sounds and pictures.

The essence of their operation: every sound, picture is converted into Fourier functions when the signal is transferred, then at the destination these are converted back into sounds and pictures. The great mathematician Fourier recognized in the 18th century that almost everything can be described or modelled by mathematical functions.

The methods of mathematics are used for the creation of cutting-edge technologies and technical equipment. The magneto-, electro- and light spectrometers are able to record in functions the information that can found in our world that is invisible for us.

The elementary information and their combination are recorded and described as functions in the Matrix Drops on the language of computer science.

Our computers can check several millions of Fourier functions obtained from an individual and in case any malfunction was found, it selects the necessary parts from the patterns of Matrix Drops. In the past this invaluable mystical knowledge was in the hands of alchemists. They used crystal structures for the formation of their elixirs of life that could only transform accurately and perfectly the elemental, clean information into liquids and minerals if helping spirits were present.

The last documented and attested data is of Saint Germain, the son of Ferenc Rákóczi II. Galleries and museums keep the written and painted evidences of this. The devices left undamaged were found, however, they could not be operated due to the lack of spiritual knowledge. 

The knowledge of the alchemists was put into a system on the basis of material and written proofs and the suggestions of the spiritual world. Sometimes, much like our computers, our physique needs an update. By the use of the MD you can return to the origin.

This method activates before there was any disturbance in the physique, but in the more delicate regions – the psychic body, spiritual body measurable distortions appear. Prevention, in this case is not early detection, therefore opens new perspectives.

The individual having an aroused cognitive state thinks forward, and will not go into the dead-end, out of which many are trying to get out. Therefore, it is important to make other people aware that there are several methods to preserve their physical and psychic harmony.

The invaluable consequence of this is that the factors causing disturbances could not appear in our physique. Where distortions have occurred, there the physique is tuned back with the vibrations and information of our natural materials as a piano tuner does with the strings of the piano. For this, we must know the standard sounds, vibrations and information.

The standard information is stored in semi-precious and precious gemstones and is transmitted through crystals in a way where they do not come into contact with water. The liquid to be tuned is located in a sufficient distance. The liquid can store and keep information for many years. No harmful substance or material is contained in the MD.

“Since the structure of molecular water is the foundation for all life forms, the man will be able to control this structure in the cell will be able to change the world.”

– Dr. Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel-Laureate

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Those people who are interested and visit us can gain insight into whether there is an element which is mistuned in our physique and can get advice regarding which Matrix Drops are suitable for the reorganization.

The man has reached the limits of physics and got to an extremely high level in the field of technical achievements.  But he began to identify himself with the results, so it is emotionally and mentally lagging in development.  People cannot deal with self-destructive thoughts and feelings, so they are easily overcome by them.

Following the objective analysis of the MDC, consideration is the next necessary step to make. Every holographic behavior record analysis requires controlling massive information. We managed to map on the MDC’s language the different subjective patterns, furthermore, storing the same in the Matrix Drops product that are necessary for promoting changes in health.
We often experience the phenomenon of thoughts spinning around the same topic for months or even years, and repeat the same story in an endless pattern of mind games. This appears to be some mysterious, invisible power (behavior model, holography, and program) that’s confined a person.  He/she repeats himself/herself, spins in one place as a prisoner of a whirl of thoughts.
Analysis by the MDC takes no more than a minute due to its state of the art electronics. Invisible and restraining powers are brought to the surface by the reading. Marked in details of the MDC report, this key information can be made available according to key regions: specifically levels in emotions, thoughts, relations, and spirit.

The Matrix Drops product assigned by the MDC contains those information which help to step outside of our bogged down behavioral whirls, and allow us to break free from undesirable behavioral models. The suggested use of these drops is 3-4 intakes per day.

The quantum physics researches established that the fingerprint and iris markings are unique because they represent interferences of undulatory characteristics of subjects, captured or recorded at the physical level these scanners operate at.  The tools, equipment and analyzers need to detect and recognize this uniqueness by interpreting, storing and comparing the data in terms of simple binary computer language.

Based on this analogical theory we have developed the MDC (Matrix Drops Computer), which recognizes human uniqueness not only with the undulatory character of the body, but also using the conventional fingerprint and iris scanning approaches to estimate these same patterns.

Taking advantage of today’s analytical technology, we are able to reveal the unique emotional and personality signs within our electromagnetic fields and radiation. During individual examinations more than eight million personalized information data points are being processed by the MDC. Data is presented shortly after processing to the interested party such as: “the presumably treatable positive and untreatable negative behavior models and characteristics within them”.


The positive behavior models create harmony, balance and happiness within us that reflect on our surroundings as well. But the negative behavior models create tensions within a person and their surroundings.

The recognition of the not so desirable behavior models, followed by the individuals’ discretion, can mean a turning-point in life or literally changing ones’ destiny.
Our behavior models impact us in a holographic way, a mechanism transferred from family, friends, professors, or even from events we went through. We play those behavior models many times in similar life situations, and apply them routinely. Certainly, both the individual and their social circle will enjoy these effects, unless the case of negative models that intuitively lead to suffering. Discovering unwanted behavior models and extracting them, is not an easy procedure because invisible regions of the eye (emotions, thoughts, relations and souls of people) impact the subject in a holographic way. Towards this end, the unique recognition of the MDC’s analysis serves a crucial role.

Decoding and controlling the higher information octaves of our fine etheric bodies with Matrix Drops

If you want to change your way of life, attitude, we can help you!
Matrix Drops users can minimize or eliminate their seemingly unmanageable properties and weaknesses.

Look in your soul’s mirror

In the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Queen has a wonderful magic mirror that never lies. This mirror is the only one that dares to tell the truth to whoever looks into it.  The Queen’s own soul speaks through this magical object.

Earth radiation

Show if our body has been in a  radiation zone for a long time. These radiations can be underground water veins and Hartmann zone.


Heavy Metals

Identifies which heavy metal element is in our body. These elements can toxicate or in most case overloads our body. With clearing these element helps to become healthier.

Detecting disturbing entities in the environment

Shows disturbing entites in our environment. These entities can manipulate our toughts and behaviours there are ways to release these entities and become ourselfs again.

Detecting Viruses

Detects infection informations in our system what slows us down.


Can reveal traumatic experience in our past. Suggesing specific Matrix Drops to help relesing those informations.

Matrix Drops

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Inventor - Mr Andras Kovacs-Magyar

So far four hundred thousand people owe their recovery to András Kovács – Magyar, the internationally acknowledged alternative mental curer, authority and the founder of Hungary’s first private healing centre in the 1980s.

Matrix Drops Protocol

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“Not the strongest will survive nor the smartest,

but the one who is the most susceptible for changes.” (Darwin)

Harmony of soul