About us

Harmony of Soul is based in London, UK and it  was created with the purpose to provide a better insight into different alternative holistic treatments, methods and techniques to improve ones physical mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Our philosophy is based on the teachings and health harmonisation system of Andras Kovacs-Magyar which was developed over 30 years. Many of the services we provide are based on these teachings and techniques. Falling from one illness into the next and suffering from constant headaches and the doctors unable to help I knew it was time to find some answers concerning my health and wellbeing. That’s when I have come across Andras Kovacs-Magyar and his system over 13 years ago. I have found out that my bed was over harmful geopathic radiation which was one of the main contributing factors for my lack of health. With the help and guidance of Andras’ colleagues and by following the recommended protocol I was able to get back and maintain my health.

I was able to acquire many of the techniques which I have been successfully using for 10 years to help those who are
also looking for that extra something that can help them improve their quality of life.

Harmony of Soul

Harmony of soul