Mrs. Ildikó Kovács-Magyar

Mr. András Kovács-Magyar

“It is a beautiful thing to carve a statue and to give life to it;
more upfliting yet is to shape a human soul, then fill it up with truths.”
(Victor Hugo)

The Inventor

So far four hundred thousand people owe their recovery to András Kovács – Magyar, the internationally acknowledged alternative mental curer, authority and the founder of Hungary’s first private healing centre in the 1980s.

People are eager to know his world-famous method not only at home but from the family of the Persian shah through the singer of the Guns N’ Roses to Yoko Ono many people believe that the chiropractor, mental curer has such knowledge which is given only few people.

You have become known as a chiropractor but you are much more than this. Why is the method used by you is special, why is it different?

After curing experience of twenty years I can already word that my work is interspersed with mysticism, wonderful upper mental support. I managed to develop a very serious system, which I have been communicated, taught for more than fifteen years. This is a special world, where only few people can enter. Until we are not able to accept the untouchable, unseeable reality, we cannot appreciate, notice the miracles that are given by life. There was a time when I did not give credit to the spiritualists, until I got into touch with the world of spirits. Since then I have been trying to introduce many people in the reality that seems to be inconceivable. I am patient towards the doubters that are going only at the beginning of the way. I do not forget how difficult it was to open towards the way for which I give my life today. Now I know that an authentic medium is a rare treasure but an existing reality. The problem is not with us but with the mass that deceives errant people, looking for their way.

You was the first to methodize the effects of terrestrial radiations unbeneficial to health (Hartmann zones, subterranean brooks) and now your maps are used all over the world. (Great Shaman Book)

These terrestrial radiations are responsible for the chronic, long-lasting diseases and for the development of cancerous – tumorous diseases. The cure of the diseases can be started only with placing our beds to good places that are free from terrestrial radiations. There are, however, positive radiations of the earth which are very rare but also net the earth and have curing power. It is well-known that the diseases are caused by lack of energy. The places impregnated with positive energy help to restore and maintain our physical and mental balance. These wonderful energies start the self-healing procedures in our body which sometimes need to be supported and strengthened.


– I think that most unexplainable things can only work if great belief exists from the side of the recipient.

– I am not surprised to see the many doubters. Sometimes a faithless person is closer to God than a dogmatic believer. I deal with history of religion a lot and it must be admitted that in some cults there are lot of distortions, distorted elements of reality. Believers believe also the things they do not see, do not experience. The doubters are doubtful of the invisible, they desire the touchable. Actually, the believer and the faithless is the same category, two sides of a coin. Opinion formed about invisible things, without any ascertainment, personal experience. Contrary to them it is the conscious man that is a completely other category. He accepts only what he experiences, feels himself. From ages to ages the mystics, saints and the Knights Templar were such conscious human notabilities. They experienced the power of world of spirits and within this the power of dual God. Due to our relationship with the world of spirits they acquired the great knowledge of long-forgotten ages. They could determine exactly where the sacral sanctums, cathedrals, churches have to be built. These gothic buildings give signs to the after-world till the end of time.

– I confess, I also cannot believe in special powers, in the existence of the world of spirits that is in things which I have not experienced.

– I like doubting people very much since the own experience, tries move the world forward and not the labyrinths of credulity. Recently a mother came to me. The doctors completely gave her son up for lost, they declared him inoperable. The diagnosis was lymph cancer. The disease affected nearly all of his innards. When they visited me, the doctors forecasted for the child only some weeks. For the mother and her son my spiritual help was the last resource. Fortunately they did not give up hope and visited me. For today the little boy completely recovered, due to my healing method and spiritual help. This is confirmed by medical findings. Now the parents are also conscious, they overpassed the uncertainty of faith and they look at the surrounding wonderful world and the man’s spiritual being otherwise.

– The experience and authenticity led them to their change of approach.

– During the last twenty years many questions arose in me to which I looked for an answer. I tried things; I tried to make sure whether they work. If the did not work, I ignored them. I toured the continents and I learnt in different schools of the world, I gained lot of experience. For my relationship with the supreme world I had to work hard, I had to deserve it. Sometimes I also became doubtful but with their help, support I always could continue my way.

– How, on which way did a man with electrical engineer diploma, walking on the ground of rationality attain to communicate with the world of spirits?

– His spine becomes painful. The continuous pain forces him to learn the techniques with the help of which he can help other people as well. Of course, later I found out that the root of the problems is always different. So it is not sure at all that the same method can be applied successfully, even if the pain refers to the same area. Studying the different techniques I developed my own method, which consists of three hundred and twenty grasps. Owing to this many patients with spine rupture avoided the operation, which certifies a system that operates well. The method is not secret, I teach the persons interested in it in my spiritual school, at home and abroad as well. Then one day the electrical engineer knew that he has got lung cancer. The doctors said if they operate me, I have two months, if they do not operate me I have three months. This happened at the beginning of the nineties. Like most people, I did not want to believe that life was this much and this is the end. I did not resign to what the doctors said as a fact.

– Did you acquaint yourself with the thought of death?

– In this case you search for the reason and the reason why. Then I already knew that the ego and the arrogance can be the source of many diseases. I found out in time that this is also part of the search of my way. To win the ego. Not only to say, to show it outward, but to live really according to this. It is a very difficult task, for which the immature, inexperienced spirit is not capable.

– Did your magic wand know the answer to the questions that arose in you?

– The magic wand is able to answer the concrete questions with yes and no. So you have to attain to be able to ask questions, then several years are necessary to be able to interpret the answers. Later it also takes several years to learn to measure with the wand, to diagnose diseases and to find the sources of problems. You have mentioned faith. The wand is mentioned in the Bible too, namely in Mark’s 6:8. verse. ”And commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only;”.

I recovered and today I cure others as well. During the past years many people tried to break me on the wheel but no matter what happened they could never lead me out of my way which led towards the irradiation. Today even my greatest critics acknowledge my work. It has happened hundreds of times that my previous critics approached to me as last life-saver and they got the health of their families with my method, with the help of my colleagues. Today staff consisting of very successful doctors and non-medical practitioners welcomes people, approaching to us that were trained by me. In my healing centre the most modern diagnostic equipments are also available. The objective results confirm the effectiveness of our methods which satisfies the recovered people. In many cases a piece of paper is more authentic than the patient feels himself/herself that he/she has completely recovered.

– You are talking about irradiation, esoteric things while citing from the Bible. Many people may think you think of God differently.

– My parents were teachers in an age when it was not to be thought of living religious life. I did not know what faith means and I looked at the crosses on the edge of the roads, with the crucified Jesus. I admit I was afraid of him. When I was nine I had a car accident. People died next to me while I heard soft music and I saw a woman showed up in wonderful light. Then I did not know yet that I saw Maria who enfolded me in her arms and brought me back to life. Probably she knew that I will have a lot to do on the earth. Because of the distortions faith has become a very difficult issue. I can mention the Knights Templar again as examples that did not believe but knew exactly that the world of the spirits is reality. People who know the world of spirits similarly, see life in a different way as well.

– How?

– Like Jesus, there are in my dual world concept two Gods. One of them is good, the other one is frightening. That knows the good one, Good God, will at the same time know the evangels of the world of spirits too. That is afraid of the other one, will never live intellectual that is complete life. In his/her fear he/she lives only half life. It is the arrogance, the conviction of convinced people what keeps many people asleep and cradle through their whole life. In the standard language it has spread: fear God! I work on the same thing as my foregoers, our great predecessors: religions cannot separate people and everyone could reach God through his/her own spirit.

– There are people that mention you as a Shaman.

– Once professor Paposi visited me who lives in the United States. He asked ten minutes from me but he was staying for five days. Before he left, he said as a conclusion that I have such knowledge which formerly was given only to Shamans. He experienced series of authentic evidences in my healing methods. Then I was impressed by what I heard from him.

– Then I was impressed… What has changed since then?

– Today already more people call themselves Shaman without any evidences and spiritual relations than the number of people that would be worthy of it. And people can classify all of us in the same category. What meant rank earlier in some cases it became cliche for today. That is why, leaving the titles, my work is sealed by my name most authentically.

– But the knowledge, the secret is in your possession even today. You have mentioned several times the Knights Templar. Is this the aim, to find the receipt of the elixir of life? Is this the reason why you research them?

– First of all, I found out that the world take into account that we will be so clever, we will get over the nature and the chemical industry will be able to manufacture such things in large quantity which can be found nowhere in the nature. And since it cannot be found, the body’s protection is not formed against it. Man was made great by his evolution and this is what destroys him. In the beginning it worked out quite well, more and more things were invented that helped the development of the civilization. But the situation has deteriorated for today and slowly we will die of this cleverness. We have to come to our senses so that the natural therapy of the old ages could live its renaissance again, the knowledge what the occultists called elixir of life.

On the other hand, I feel myself Fortune’s darling because there are several great intellects from that I am continuously learning. For today I can be cognizant of this huge knowledge. With their help I could get to places where Í could learn how the biological body can be rejuvenated. Because man is not only flesh and blood, but also spirit. Having the knowledge that was received from the antecedents the programme was created in which some of my disciples have already participated. They reported wonderful results. There is a diagnostic device in my healing centre which shows one’s biologic age prior to and after the programme as well. At the feedback it turns out with how many years our body became younger. We have already given many of our disciples a lead on biological cellular rejuvenation of ten – fifteen years.

– Does it mean that the elixir of life will be available for anyone? How?

– Yes, anyone is able to rejuvenate but the spirit has to be prepared for this in advance. The spiritual change is possible in my school. I teach the persons that can already manage their body and energies, whose bed is free from terrestrial radiation to manage their emotions, thoughts and relationships. The person that gets food for the spirit and mind is already ready to take the elixir of life. Man of this age would like to acknowledge only the existence of the physical body but if the spiritual body does not get any food, the physical body also suffers from this.

– Excuse me, but I have the feeling as if you wanted to persuade me to complete the course, to pay a lot of money for it, then I will get some arcanum about which I will either believe or not that it helps me to remain young. So how much would it cost for me?

– It does not cost more than a driving licence.

– And then I can only drive the car but I have not refilled, I do not know how much its maintenance will cost…

– If I say that the course does not cost more but in exchange I guarantee that your life changes and you can forget chronic diseases, will you consider it much? I also disclose that I have not asked more money for a consultation, for a cure than the price of a tank of fuel for twenty years.

– All right, I give up. You managed to convince me. Did you want to find the spirit of Saint-Germain because of the receipt of the elixir of life?

– Yes. The son of II Rákóczi Ferenc possessed such spiritual knowledge with the help of which people believed that he is not older than forty-five when he was already very old. The monarchs and gentlewomen loved his mystic intelligence, from France to the Persian Empire.

– You are concededly a great admirer of womanhood.

– The miracle of a real woman inspires me. She gives me power. I owe the sparkle of my eyes to her. I love her, respect her. A woman will always be more than a man. I am happy if I can follow her, if I can look up to her. It results from my dual image; this is my religion, religion of love.

– How many people envy you the life you live?

– I give the knowledge with pleasure; I do not have any secrets. I believe that talented people can become substantial and the villains can become rich. If someone contemplates with healthy desire, that inspires himself as well. The sentences started with “how good it would be if I knew all these” advantages people. Where evilness hides behind envy, many things have to be put right.

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Inventor - Mr Andras Kovacs-Magyar

So far four hundred thousand people owe their recovery to András Kovács – Magyar, the internationally acknowledged alternative mental curer, authority and the founder of Hungary’s first private healing centre in the 1980s.

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