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KMA Massage Kovacs Magyar Andrew has applied this special massage successfully for over 25 years and treated clients with great results who had discus hernia, hip problems, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, kyphosis, knee problems,headache,tennis-elbow,shoulder and neck pain. £95 Starts From
KMA Combo £150 Starts From
Matrix Drops Scan This is a very unique opportunity that gives us an insight into the fields of our energies, emotions, relations and thoughts. By reading the messages ,we can get a clear picture about the reasons why our attributes and qualities are the way they are. £75 Starts From
Online Matrix Drops computer scan £90 Starts From
Lymph massage The application of lymphatic drainage promotes to get rid of the toxins and aids the self-healing system of our body. In addition to it, it has positive impact on cellulite and is a very useful way to lose weight and get fit shape. £150 Starts From
Reflexology £60 Starts From
Holistic treatment £45 Starts From
Regression The treatment which is releasing our soul from tones of bad memories. £84 Starts From
Craniosacral treatment This treatment is one of the most powerful treatment to regenerate the nervous system. £96 Starts From
Lymph massage package 1 This package is for 4weeks which means 4x90min session+2MD free £540 Starts From
Lymph massage package 2 This package is for 6 weeks which include 6x90min session +3MD free £810 Starts From
Swedish Massage This method helps people to feel more energetic and relaxed, it stimulates blood circulation and also results in tension free muscles. £60 Starts From
Call out charge £1.20/mile from us to the costumer and return. This is calculated by the costumer post code, but a minimum £50.00 £1.20 Starts From
Harmony of soul
16 Parkside way Harrow HA2 6DA